ACPTA, the Austin Council of PTAs (Parent Teacher Associations), is made up of representatives from local campus PTAs in AISD. ACPTA provides training & workshops for local PTA board members twice a year, typically at the start of the school year, and again after officer elections toward the end of the school year. The ACPTA also provides assistance on PTA matters throughout the year. Bulletins and news items are posted on the ACPTA website on a regular basis, as well as flyers and other communications that are received from AISD. ACPTA serves as a link between AISD and parents, informing the District of parent concerns and recommending parent members for various AISD committees.

Austin Council PTA website:

Texas PTA:

2023-2024 School Year PTA Meetings

September 20 @ 5:00

October 18 @ 5:00

November 15 @ 5:00

December 13 @ 5:00

January 17 @ 5:00

February 21 @ 5:00

March 20 @ 5:00

April 17 @ 5:30

May 15 @ 5:00