Bilingual Education

Transitional Bilingual/Late Exit is a bilingual program that serves students identified as students of limited English proficiency in both English and Spanish and transfers a student to English-only instruction.

  • Academic growth is accelerated through cognitively challenging academic work in the students’ first language along with meaningful academic content taught through the students’ second language, English.
  • The goal is to promote high levels of academic achievement and full academic language proficiency in the students’ first language and English.
  • Students enrolled in the transitional bilingual/late exit program are eligible to exit the program not earlier than six or later than seven years after the students enroll in school.

English as a Second Language (ESL) is an intensive program that focuses on learning English. It is taught by teachers who are trained and certified in working with students whose home language is other than English.

  • The ESL program provides intensive instruction in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending English.
  • Students receive instruction primarily in academic language to ensure success in school.
  • Teachers may use topics from subjects such as social studies during the ESL class. The focus, however, remains on the student learning English.

ESL is available at the elementary, middle and high school levels.For more information, please contact Zavala Elementary at (512) 414-2318.

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